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          簡體中文版 Welcome to the Official Website of Chizhou Municipal People's Government
          Chizhou is a city of impressive achievements and with great potential

          Chizhou is a city of impressive achievements and with great potential. In recent years, Chizhou city is making great efforts to carry forward three national-level regional development strategies, which refer to the Industrial Transfer Demonstration Zone in the Anhui Yangtze River City Belt, the International Cultural & Tourism Demonstration Zone in the South Anhui and the National Demonstration Zone of Ecological Culture. The city’s economy has achieved moderate yet steady and sound development, getting off to a good start during the 13th Five-year plan period. In 2016, the GDP of Chizhou City totaled 58.3 billion CNY, up 8.2% year-on-year. Through out the year, the fiscal revenue of Chizhou exceeded 10 billion CNY, up 4.5% than last year. It’s fixed-asset investment totaled 65.2 billion CNY, up 8.6% than one year ago. The city"s per capita disposable income of urban residents in 2016 rise up by 8% over the previous year while its contemporary per capita net income of farmers rise up 9%.


          Under the strong leadership of Anhui Provincial Committee of the C.P.C. and Anhui Provincial Government and with the aims of building Chizhou to be a National Ecological Economic Demonstration City and a worldwide tourism destination, Chizhou Municipality has fully implemented the Scientific Outlook on Development and carried forward the development strategies of “revitalizing the city through advancing its ecology, industry, tourism, trade and culture” vigorously. Local authorities give strong emphasize on the city’s comprehensive transformation in terms of economic and social development as well as the city’s accelerated rise in different sectors such as economy, culture, education. Local authorities also focus on making the city more prosperous and improving people’s livelihood. And Chizhou Municipality is striving for promoting the development of economy, politicy, culture, social, and ecological culture. Local authorities will every effort to foster Chizhou to be an experimental zone of green growth industries, a demonstration zone of human settlements, a model of shared development. Within the 13th five year plan period (2016-2020), Chizhou Municipality is doing efforts to build Chizhou to be a National Ecological Economic Demonstration City and a worldwide tourism destination with prosperous economy, beautiful environment, harmonious society and well-off life. It’s planned and believed that Chizhou will keep up with other cities in China to achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way by 2020.

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